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May 7, 2010

I don’t usually express myself in this blog this way, but today is a very sad day for me. One of my original designs has been copied. It’s the first time that someone has done something like this to me, and what hurts the most is the fact that that particular dress is and will always be my own creation. Each line I made, its cut, its skirt, I spent long hours working on it to come up with a wonderful and unique dress. And to see it copied, using a template from LMC and cutting that template to make it look exactly like mine, down to the skirt no less!!! is an insult to me as an original designer. The dress that I am talking about is Angelique. Now in the hands of an unoriginal, ruthless person who has no respect for intellectual property and copyrights of fellow merchants.

This is the kind of situation that make original designers NOT want to disclose their  designs because someone else will end up copying them, appropriating, robbing from you so freshly. I am reporting this store owner. And if you come across a dress just like Angelique, just remember that Destiny Leimes is the original designer of this dress. Don’t let cheap copies fool you and don’t promote copyiers by buying their products.

Thank you.

Destiny Leimes

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